Our group experienced more than seven decades in the tobacco processing industry, nowadays we are reaching the coconut sugar manufacturing industry. We process the natural ingredients of Indonesian archipelago hygienically, modern and standardized. CV Hasil Barokah Mandiri was established in 2016 which is engaged in the processing of food raw materials in Indonesia that is known as best quality for food and groceries.

We make goodness of nature still kept, and hygiene as our priority in the process. See how our manufacture works!



Raina coconut sugar produced from best nectar with organic process and high quality standart without any negative chemical added. Coconut sugars has low glycemic index and contains of many essential nutrients than ordinary sugar. Raina Coconut Sugar is gluten free, it is save for person with celiacs or gluten sensitivity.


Check our product RAINA coconut sugar with various menu from amazing chef arround the world to your local home chef. Get in touch with our daily social media

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