February 26, 2018



Our group experienced more than seven decades in the tobacco processing industry, nowadays we are reaching the coconut sugar manufacturing industry. CV Hasil Barokah Mandiri was established in 2016 which is engaged in the processing of food raw materials in Indonesia that is known as best quality for food and groceries.

We process the natural ingredients of Indonesian archipelago hygienically, modern and standardized. We only produce natural high quality products for the goodness for Our Family. Our product, Raina Coconut Sugar made with natural coconut nectar and proceed with high quality standard with International certification for organic food.

Our product Raina coconut sugar has already distributed on the market both offline and online. On social media, Raina coconut sugar maintain the consumer to stay active and participate with many activities to make the brand feel closer with consumer’s heart.

Our Vision:

Being a trusted company which create food products in Indonesia


Our Mission

Gives classy food products to consumer.

Guarantees availability of food products needed by consumer.

Gives delivery service of food products fastly to consumer

Implements modern management organisation according to progress of era technology

Contributes continously to develop human resources