CV Hasil Barokah Mandiri is an organic coconut sugar producer, that focuses on the product quality and welfare of our farmers. We are partnering with over 2000 farmers working on organic-certified land across Indonesia.

We process the natural ingredients of Indonesian archipelago hygienically, modern and standardized. We only produce natural high quality products for the goodness for our family. Our product, organic coconut sugar made with organic coconut nectar and proceed with hight quality standard with International certification for organic food.

Our product Raina coconut sugar has already distributed on the market both offline and online. On social media, Raina coconut sugar maintain the consumer to stay active and participate with many activities to make the brand feel closer with consumer’s heart.


All HBM products are grown, harvested and processed in Indonesia. Our plantation is located in Central Java with the largest number of coconut sugar production and farmers in Indonesia

We offer authentic coconut sugar traditionally managed by farmers to produce high quality organic coconut sugar.

Because we grow nectar organically, we can produce coconut sugar of the highest quality. After the farmers harvest from the tree, we process all the coconut sugar in the traditional way so that this makes coconut sugar not lose its original flavor.

Modern Manufacture

Our manufacture proceed with hygienic, modern and standardized facility. Our product organic coconut sugar has been certified with international independent laboratory with legal certification from International standard BRC, HACCP and FDA.


HBM commit for good employment system, mantaince and upgrade skill for employee to make the quality
better. Employment hiring opened for local village and community to maintain sustainability and good
impact for environment.


The factory location in Kudus, Central Java, Indonesia as central area of coconut plantation. With good environment and organic ground, coconut grows well.

Subsribe Us

  • +62291-2912748
  • Marketing@hbmcorp.co.id / Sales@hbmcorp.co.id
  • Whatsapp: +62 822 4000 0033
  • Jl. PR Sukun Raya RT 01 RW 05, Dukuh Gedondong, Desa Gondosari Kec. Gebog, Kab. Kudus, Jawa Tengah

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