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For those who like to shop anything online, now you can buy HBM’s products easily just one tap away. Raina just register an account on shopee, you can check on this link HBM STORE.

Today Raina coconut sugar already distributed to Semarang, Pekalongan, Magelang, Yogyakarta and Surakarta. Check these distributor here. Online store on Shopee hopefully as solutions to reach our consumer outside that area. This year HBM plan to expand the distribution area to Sumatra, Bali, Sumatera, and others.


Kreasi Raina Challenge

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Raina just held Kreasi Raina Challange quiz, various menus using Raina coconut sugar posted on Instagram during challenge. With hashtag #kreasiraina1, the first food creation competition using coconut sugar in Indonesia has a great spread on instagram. You can check them out on RAINA INSTAGRAM

And here they are the entries:



If you make some menu creation with RAINA coconut sugar, don’t be hestitate to post it and hashtaging #kreasiraina .. We will feature it by repost on our instagram!

RAINA on Instagram

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Hello Instagramers,

Raina coconut sugar goes online on social media instagram, you can check daily update all about Raina coconut sugar. Raina will post more story about daily recipes, whats all about Raina, what is coconut sugar, is it benefit?, videos, and also quizes. And sure you can participate quiz and challenges with offer many prize every 2 month.

Go check it out here! RAINA


Welcome to HBM

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Welcome to HBM website.

HBM website presents all information about company and its products. Manufacturing process, export regulations, deeper look into product. and information update about product, brand activation and promos.

Enjoy for browsing entire page of the site, and send message to admin@hbmcorp.co.id if there any questions.

Thank you